Saturday, December 31, 2011

Angel - One Year Later

Angel's first blog was posted on Jan. 1, 2011. It is now one year later, Dec. 31, 2011. There is no better way to show you how far Angel has come this year than to share a few photos. All the photos in today's blog were taken and generously shared by Lorrine Carrara. These photos were taken on Dec. 29, 2011 as Angel had her feet trimmed by Denise Field of In Balance Equine ( Denise is a wonderful horsewoman and she is so quiet and patient with nervous horses. I am extremely grateful for her assistance with Angel this year, and for her helping Angel to have only positive experiences having her feet trimmed. Here Denise is getting reacquainted with Angel.
This was the first trim where Denise asked Angel to put all four feet on the Hoofjack (hoof stand). When they first started working together, Angel was very fearful of all farrier's tools. Here Denise lets Angel sniff and investigate the Hoofjack. Denise commented that Angel has become "very curious" as she has begun trusting people more.
Left front foot on the Hoofjack. So far, so good.
Right front is trimmed. Angel was not at all worried about the farrier's tools today, so Denise was able to use whatever tools she preferred (this was the first time Angel was relaxed and accepting of all the farrier's tools).
Angel is still curious about the Hoofjack and Denise gave her many opportunities to check it out.
Right front foot on the Hoofjack.
Now came the real test - the hind feet. Denise and I are both well aware of Angel's history of kicking and using her back feet defensively when she was frightened. Denise had not asked for her to rest her back feet on the Hoofjack before. In fact, today was the first substantial trim to her back feet in this first year. You can see in the photos how it went. Left hind foot - check!
Here we go - last hoof. Right hind on the Hoofjack. Lookin' good!
Congratulations, Denise and Angel, on a job very well done! Angel, you have come a long ways during our first year together. Can't wait to see what 2012 will bring!