Monday, January 3, 2011

The Horse Outside My Window

I miss Nick terribly. Those of you who have been owned by a horse for many years know what a huge space they take up in your heart and in your life. Horses are BIG. When a horse lives, it takes up a lot of physical and emotional space. And when a horse dies, it leaves a gaping hole in your heart, your life and your daily schedule.

I loved having Nick outside my window. My mini donkey (also outside my window) brays every morning when she hears my alarm clock ring (and the window is not open!). Nick would hear the front door to the house open and trot over to the gate, to see what good thing I might be bringing him. No horse will ever replace Nick. But the emptiness was so huge, the hole so big, I could not bear not having a horse outside my window.

Today as I exited my car in my driveway (out of view of the horses), Angel nickered to me. She has figured out which sound of the many cars coming and going is mine. Patches (the mini donkey) figured that out long ago and greets me every time I drive in (regardless of the hour of day or night). But today, for the first time, Angel greeted me as I arrived in the driveway. After she had nickered a greeting, I called out to her, just so she would know that she was right. And twice today as I walked out of the front door of my house, she trotted over to the gate and whinnied to me. I would like to think she was saying, "Hi! How are you today?" But I think it was honestly probably, "What's for breakfast?"

I feel so fortunate and blessed to have a horse outside my window. I walked out the front door this morning feeling tired and sad. And the first sound that greeted my day was Angel nickering to me. If the sound of a friendly horse saying hello won't cheer up a sad soul, I don't know what will! My whole day improved after her friendly greeting.

I don't know where this mare came from, or what her story is. I don't know why she was under-fed and found walking loose down a road. I don't know why she has white spots that look like scars down her spine. But I do know she has not given up on the possibility that people might be bringing her something good. Angel has held onto hope.


  1. Wow, she became more vocally appreciative and engaging than my gelding ever did... but, I think that I just... I just had a gelding! The mares love and express themselves just a little bit more sometimes. Lucky you! :-)

    And Patches is a doll!!

  2. Even after 8 years, when Missy talks to me my heart skips a beat. Then I realize that she has probably mistaken me for her "food boyfriend". Oh well.

  3. I am so sorry you feel so sad, but maybe God brought you Angel to fill in the space that Nick left.

  4. I'm sure she is calling you "Angel" as well when she nickers.